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The PBG Awards

PBG is pleased to invite you, alongside other boatbuilders, boat owners, and boat hirers to have fun by taking part in our challenge. The prestigious PBG Awards celebrate the diverse and vibrant world of boating. From the gentle flow of electric motors to the lively hum of gasoline engines, these awards honour every splash and ripple in the quest for innovation and inclusivity on the water.


Whether it's a peaceful meditation cruise or a spirited regatta, each cruise is a step towards recognition in a community that values joy, camaraderie, and environmental stewardship. Join the movement that's steering towards a greener, more connected boating future, and let your cruises make history!

PBG cruises can be logged starting on April 1st, 2024, and continuing through to March 1st, 2025 - Forty-four weekends. After this, logbook submissions will be closed.

About the challenge

What if you could enrich the local community by taking part in a year-long, very low-carbon contest with other boats all over the planet...but without ever meeting them?

A shift to localised eco-boating

This innovative concept was conceived by Kevin Desmond, a passionate advocate of electric boats. Recognising the prevalence of electric boats for luxury and transportation purposes, Kevin saw a unique opportunity to introduce a versatile and eco-friendly alternative for a wider audience, but each on their home waters.


He envisioned a global polyvalent boat challenge (PBG challenge) as a means to offer enjoyable, informative, and educational cruises to small groups across the globe. This initiative aims to attract e-pontoon boat owners seeking new applications, assisting e-pontoon boatbuilders and dealers in showcasing additional selling points and partnering with waterside tourist offices and town councils to create fresh leisure opportunities for both residents and visitors.

What's a PBG challenger?

A PBG challenger is a polyvalent water-craft designed for eco-friendly tourism and leisure activities. A spacious deck and silent operation makes it ideal for various events, such as conferences, weddings, school trips, and sightseeing tours to local natural, historical, or religious attractions.

An emphasis on eco-friendliness makes PolyBoats a mode of transportation that not only enhances its operating region's ecological commitments, but by making an almost zero carbon footprint, contributes to the global fight against climate change.

Why the pontoon boats?

Pontoon boats (or platform deck boats) are already suited to the PBG challenger concept!

(See this video from Pontoon and Deck Boat TV)

A recent study by CDK Global examined over 17,000 new and used pontoons sold between March 2021 and February 2022. There are over 30 pontoon boatbuilders worldwide, with each of their boats accommodating five to fifteen passengers, able to cruise for several hours, and are well-suited for inland waterways due to their shallow draught. Of course, other inland waterways open boats capable of carrying 5 to 15 people for our cruises, and passing under bridges, are welcome to compete. 

As evidenced on the canals of Amsterdam, the Alpine and French lakes and the Norwegian fjords, a small but steadily growing number of electric open-deck boats are favouring cleaner and quieter cruising.

They are supporting us

"IEMA commends your innovative initiative with the PolyBoatGlobal philosophy for inland waterways, offering a diverse range of cruises."

Adria Jover, Founder & President, IEMA

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