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Office de Tourisme du Pays de Cadillac et de Podensac

A letter of support to PolyBoatGlobal founder Kevin Desmond 

(See the English translation below)

lettre soutien Ploy Boat Global.png

Translated copy of the letter

The Tourist Office of the Pays de Cadillac and Podensac, Destination Garonne, since 2019, has received by delegation from the Community of Communes Convergence Garonne the missions of marketing river and river tourism offers but also the coordination of stopovers for boats for passengers and pleasure craft calling at the port of Cadillac-sur-Garonne.

Having the desire to develop the tourist activity linked to this sector, we are enthusiastic and support as far as possible the initiative of Mr. Desmond Kévin with his Polyboat Global Challenge project. Indeed, discovering our history, our vernacular heritage, and the landscapes linked to the Garonne while benefiting from a navigation system with a low ecological impact is an intention corresponding to current tourism development prospects.

We will follow the progress of the project and wish you success in its completion.


Agent d'escale

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