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BECOMING e-Ballerinas!

As the e-cruising competitive season gets into swing, our thoughts turn to Venice Italy, to its Salone Nautico, with the E-Regatta and its E-Ballerina discipline. Venice has been holding regattas since the 18th Century, indeed they invented the word. Ice-skating to music also goes back to long ago. So in 2018, as part of the Salone Nautico, one of the creators of thought up the e-Ballerina! Now in its 4th year, competitors choose their music then dance” their boats – circles, slalom, figures-of-8, & .

This year, those of you taking part in Venice could also consider this as a cruise in their participation provided you have enrolled from our website. Or, using a Bluetooth sound system, you could also do an e-Ballerina Cruise on your very own local waterway. Equally, those boats who make the cruise around Venice can also count it as a Fleet Cruise to add to their growing PolyBoatGlobal logbook.

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