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For those enrolled or considering enrolling in the challenge, why not use your Cruises to fund-raise for a local charity? The traditional way: Some circumnavigate the Globe, others their coastline, others part of a river. Example: Paul Weatherill cruised his homemade Shelterboat2, powered by a Torqeedo outboard, some 43 miles along a river to raise £3,500 for ShelterBox, which specializes in emergency shelter aid for victims of disaster, extreme weather and conflict. Paul’s was not the first fund-raising electric boat. In 1985, Kevin Desmond and Rupert Latham piloted the 21ft Clivedon Frolic,  an unprecedented 71 miles up the River Thames without recharging its batteries. Keeping in touch with a local radio station by Vodaphone, we were able to raise almost £1,000 for charity, per mile achieved. For the PolyBoatGlobal challenge, get going with 10 dollars/euros/ per sponsor for each cruise made. The more cruises, the more money for your chosen charity.

A Charity Cruise can also involve taking young and old with incurable illnesses for the chance to breathe the air outside the hospital or the old folks’ home. The more cruises, the more money for your chosen charity. And the more chance you have of winning our medal!

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