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How to plan your Cruises!

Updated: Apr 27

Question received “With the batteries of our PolyBoatGlobal challenger fully recharged and ready to cruise, where do we find the variety of passengers?” Strategy: For your first cruise, why not decorate your boat with bunting, flowers, ribbons and balloons, get family and friends to join you wearing hats and scarves and bringing a picnic. When you make the cruise, invite the local Media and somebody from your tourist office or town hall on board or on the jetty to cover your cruise. Then tell them about the contest and also about your plan help out a local charity, with money sponsored for each cruise completed. Tell them that you would welcome both a charity and volunteer crews – for schoolchildren, for graduates, for musicians, for Nature lovers, for amateur dramatics amateur photographers, for nonagenarians, for local historians.

By the way, you won’t be the first. Over a century ago, during the first era of electric boats when men wearing straw boaters and women in long dresses and flower hats decorated their boats from bow to stern. In the mid -1980s with the comeback of electric pleasureboating, this was revived on both sides of “The Pond” , with dayboats built by Marshall Duffield of Newport Beach and dayboats built by Rupert Latham of England. Very festive and great fun! ….Oh, and don’t forget to recharge your batteries!

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