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Let your Cruises begin!

Updated: Apr 3

April 1st : For those already enrolled or about to enrol, you have 350 days or 44 weekends to have fun making as many different cruises as you can. Some call this April Fools Day. Others the Poisson d’Avril (The fish of April) . In Odessa, Ukraine, their April Fool festival includes a large parade in the city centre, free concerts, street fairs and performances. So why not enjoy fooling around like the local fishes in your lakes and rivers. Make your concerts, fairs and performances on the water ! As of today, we have received entries – from the UK, Venice, Greece, India, and Canada, with interest from as far afield as Sanford, Maine and Yangzhou, China, not forgetting almost 300 visitors to this website! Unlike traditional watersport contests, there is no deadline, and free enrolment for the first 21 fish. The later you leave it, the less time you will have to build up those cruises, and maybe to win. (Check out the downloadable entry for on this website)

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