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With the speed record for an electric boat standing at 114 mph and for the 24-Hour electric cruise record at 420 nautical miles, we would like to propose an INCENTIVE monetary prize for the first polyboatglobal challenger boat to complete more than 45 cruises inside one contest year and within 5 years of the announcement of the prize. If those 5 years pass without a serious attempt, the prize will be renewed for another 5 years. In the past, wealthy philanthropists have given such glittering prizes for, for example, the first aeroplane to cross the Atlantic from New York to Paris, or the first human-powered plane to fly across the English Channel, or the first privately-built rocket to make two flights.

Four our prize, the same rules would apply as are found on this website, except that the number of ‘same theme’ cruises goes down from 5 to 3. So only 3 floral cruises, three school cruises etc. We remain open to offers from a “business angel”- philanthropist who would joins us in a belief in using passenger electric pleasureboats for their local community. The can of course chose the name (3 words) and the amount of the prize (4-5 figures)

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