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The first in our PBG fleet!

It is with great pleasure that we present our first entrants to the PBG Challenge. The Swan of Avon (UK) will begin its vareity of cruises on the River Avon with its first outing, the Shakespeare Birthday Celebration Cruise.

Landamore of the UK's Naiad will make its first cruise observing waterbirds such as the marsh harrier and themistle thrush on the River Bure, Norfolk, UK.

Phil Boyer of Canada will be cruising his Soul Cat 24 km up and down the Napanee River, adding other cruises afterwards

From Venice, Italy, we welcome electric boat pioneer Pietro Tosi whose Cargo 31 makes local cruises with goods, and maybe for passengers around the canals and the lagoon.

From Nantes France, we welcome electric boat pioneer Ruban Bleu whose Scoop 2 will been making cruises on the local River Erdre.

From Udaipur, India’s Lake District, Dolphin Recreation’s wonderfully colourful electric boat will also be taking part…


Who is the winner? Answer: The boat, its name and its nationality. Over the year, there can of course be different skippers and a polyvalence of passengers on its variety of cruises.

Enrolment deadline? The sooner you enrol, the more time you will have to build up your variety of cruises.

“Everybody likes an outing - so why not on the water!” So why not join us!

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